2019 brings with it a new step for Magnus and his music, with his debut album releasing on March 15th 2019 in partnership with Villa Lena Recordings. The 12 track album is a demonstration of his progression as an artist.


Late 2018 saw Magnus' first release with Villa Lena Recordings. The song, an interpretation of lovers rock, has to date amassed over 50,000 streams on all platforms.


2018 brought a change in Magnus' music, branching from his previous more stripped back sound to one with an emphasis on his production skills, using more hardware and sampling techniques to develop a more unique sound.


2016 saw the release of three singles of varying styles. 2 having been made with Tom Gibson at Blackhill studios, and the final song of the year, Moving Vibes, was Magnus' first full solo effort at production


2015 was the first year Magnus started releasing music. Recording a three track EP at a studio in Southampton he decided to release what he had created. The track "Crowns" from the EP is still his most listened to song on Spotify, having accumulated over 15,000 streams on all platforms